Contribute or Volunteer!

Thank you for wanting to help! The Campaign needs and welcomes you!

The most important way to help is to vote in the Primary, Tuesday, September 14th!
Make checks payable to:
Mail to:
18th Friends of Senator Montgomery
195 Willoughby Avenue Suite 305
Brooklyn, NY 11205
Please be sure to include your name and address with your contribution!

Have a House Party!
Senator Montgomery loves house parties! These are extremely important opportunities for the Senator to meet you and your neighbors in a more informal and relaxed setting. And they are important fundraising opportunities, and fun!
Send us an email and let us know the details of what you're thinking. We'll work with you!
Thank you for your help!

There are many ways you can help with the campaign!
  • Leafletting
  • Telephoning
  • Being a block captain
  • Working with our campaign office
...And lots more to do!

Send us an email and let us know what you might be interested in doing with the Campaign. If you just want to be involved but don't have a particular area in mind, that's fine. If you have any special skills (computer, etc.) or time limitations, let us know that, too. Be sure to include your street address in your email!